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Why Spring Is The Time To Power Wash

Why Spring Is The Time To Power Wash

Why Spring Is The Time To Power Wash

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Spring is a popular time for home improvement projects—especially the projects that focus on the exterior of your home. While spring welcomes new life and growth, it also reveals the dirt and grime leftover from the winter.

Many homeowners like to powerwash as soon as winter says its final goodbye. Others aren’t sure. They wonder, should I powerwash in spring?

It should be a part of your spring-cleaning routine.

In this brief guide, we’ll show you why spring is perhaps the best season for power washing. Read on to explore the reasons why.

Shed That Winter Grime

After a long winter, the exterior of your home likely looks dingy and dull. It’s due to the harsh weather, including ice and snow. 

Winter grime leaves unsightly buildup. If you’ve used salt on your roof to melt ice, it can stain gutters and siding. Ignoring the buildup leaves your home vulnerable to further damage.

Spring power washing will brighten up your home’s appearance. A fresh-looking home not only makes you feel better but also helps improve the look of the neighborhood. That should make your neighbors happy too.

Powerwashing Reveals Damage

Did you know the beginning of spring is a fantastic time to perform an exterior inspection of your home? It’s not only the siding but the roof that bears the brunt of winter weather.

When your power washing team technician comes out for your annual spring cleaning, it gives them the chance to make a note of problem areas. You may have damage hidden underneath the winter grime that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

Pressure washing can reveal damage, giving you the chance to make repairs before they get worse.

Powerwash When the Weather Is Warm

There’s another reason spring is the best season for power washing. Professional technicians usually suggest homeowners schedule power washing when temperatures are mild.

Springtime in New Jersey is about the mildest time of the year as far as temperatures go. It’s not too hot or cold.

Why does temperature matter?

If you decide to powerwash in the fall, temperatures may drop to freezing at night. The colder temperatures may not give your siding ample time to dry completely. That puts you at risk for the water to freeze underneath your siding.

In the summer, it’s the heat and humidity. Excess water can cause mold to develop on the siding and roof.

Both scenarios can create a homeowner’s nightmare.

Should I Powerwash in Spring to Reduce Allergens?

There’s another reason why spring is the best time to powerwash a house. Spring doesn’t only mean green grass, budding trees, and blooming flowers. For many people, it’s the worst time of the year because of spring allergies.

All that new growth means increased dust, pollen, and other contaminants contributing to allergy attacks. Allergens love to cling to the siding.

By scheduling a soft power washing, you’re able to get control of allergens and reduce their impact on you and your family.

Schedule Your Spring Pressure Washing Today

You asked should I powerwash in spring, and we showed you why it’s the best time to do the job. Getting rid of winter grime, checking for damage, and reducing allergens are all great reasons to schedule a spring cleaning today.

Contact your pressure washing team at A Brilliant Solution to schedule your appointment. We’re here to help your home look its best!

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