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Deck & Fence Power Washing

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Pressure Washing For Decks and Fences

Keeping Your Deck and Fence Looking Like New

The most common material used to build residential decks and fencing is still pressure-treated lumber, mainly because it is cost-effective. In addition, pressure-treated lumber can last many years if taken care of by keeping it cleaned and stained.

Pressure-treated lumber is very soft and can damage easily if you use a high-pressure power washer. Pressure-treated wood on decks and fencing should be cleaned every year to keep them looking new and provide years of lasting enjoyment.

We are the deck and fencing cleaning professionals and know how to keep your decks and fences looking new.

Our Soft Wash for Decks and Fences

Soft Power Washing

Pressure-treated lumber is the number one choice of homeowners in the U.S. The main reason for this is affordability. Pressure-treated wood is much less expensive than synthetic wood and needs more maintenance to keep it looking new.

Our soft wash pressure cleaning process for decks and fences keeps them looking new without damaging the surface of the wood. Most pressure cleaning companies use high-pressure, which can damage the wood surface and cut into the wood. Our soft wash process delivers the best possible clean with no damage to the wood.

Hot Water Power Washing

Cleaning decks and fences with cold water and low pressure works well in many instances. However, there are times when there is a significant buildup of debris, including mold and mildew. When this occurs, we use hot water to enhance the cleaning process to remove the debris. Hot water breaks down the residue allowing the low-pressure water to sweep it away.

Biodegradable Cleaners

In certain situations, mold and mildew can be tough to remove. This is when we introduce a bio-degradable cleaner to the surface to help dissolve and break up the debris. Our professional staff knows exactly how much cleaner is needed for the low-pressure hot water to remove it altogether.

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