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Pressure Washing Pavers Around Pool

Pressure Washing Pavers Around Pool

Pressure Washing Pavers Around Pool

Does your swimming pool add value to your home?

There’s conflicting information about whether an inground pool adds value to the selling price. But you can bet that buyers looking for a home with a pool will consider the appearance of both the swimming pool and the pool deck. 

Even if you’re not selling your home anytime soon, you still want to enjoy your pool. Clean pavers can make all the difference.

Perhaps, you’ve considered using a pressure washer on your pool area. Are you wondering, “Can pressure washing damage pavers?” We have the answers.

Read on for tips about pressure washing the pavers in your swimming pool area.

Why Bother Cleaning Pool Pavers?

Aside from the idea of increasing (or maintaining) your home’s value, there are other reasons to keep your pool deck looking clean. Dirty pool pavers can hide several problems a pool owner shouldn’t ignore 

For example, the natural environment of your pool creates the ideal home for mud and mold. Mold isn’t only unsightly, but it can also become slippery.

Dirt – another natural occurrence in the pool area – mixes with water and causes mud (also slippery).

Pavers bear the brunt of the elements. Sun, wind, and rain can all cause pavers to lose their color. Did you know that routine pressure washing of pavers helps maintain color? 

Can You Pressure Wash Around a Pool?

Before you get down to the nitty-gritty of cleaning pool pavers, you’ll want to know more about pressure washing around your pool area. While it’s certainly possible to use a pressure washer to clean pool chairs and tables, you should take care to use a soft power wash technique.

As far as the pool deck, including your pool pavers, yes, you can use a pressure washer to remove dirt, grime, and other debris. There is a caveat!

Before you rush to start pressure washing your pavers, or any area around your pool and yard, be aware that you could cause damage.

Can Pressure Washing Damage Pavers?

The truth is, even though using a pressure washer on concrete pavers does indeed get rid of unwanted dirt and grime, using the wrong technique can cause significant damage. For example, focusing the spray on one area for too long is one mistake people often make.

Setting the water pressure too high is another error that causes damage. Using the wrong nozzles can cause damage too.

Do-it-yourself pressure washing can degrade the concrete surfaces on or around your swimming pool. Ultimately, a combination of poor technique, wrong tools, and lack of experience contribute to damaged pool pavers.

Let Us Help Preserve Your Pavers

So, can pressure washing damage pavers? You bet!

Can you pressure wash pool pavers? Yes, as long as you use the right tools and techniques. 

Why not let a professional pressure washing technician clean and preserve the pavers around your swimming pool? Here at A Brilliant Solution, we bring experience and the tools to every job.

Contact us today for a free estimate. You’ll love the look of your pavers. 

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