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Benefits and Risks of Power Washing Aluminum Siding

Benefits and Risks of Power Washing Aluminum Siding

Benefits and Risks of Power Washing Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding makes an attractive, durable, and, relatively low-maintenance exterior finish for a home. One mistake many people make with this type of material is thinking it’s no maintenance.

Like anything else outside your home, aluminum attracts grime.

Is power washing the best cleaning method to keep your siding clean (and the neighbors happy)? We think so!

Read on and explore the benefits and risks of using a power washer to keep your home’s aluminum exterior looking fresh and clean.

Pressure Washing to Freshen Up Aluminum

If you’ve never cleaned your aluminum siding, you likely already have dust and dirt buildup. Over time, the buildup dulls your paint color.

The buildup doesn’t happen overnight. It’s so slow that you might not even notice the grime until you decide to start a seasonal outside cleanup.

In addition to the glaze of grimy dirt, you may also discover mold, algae, and mossy growths on the siding.

Generally, nothing works as well as pressure washing to freshen up aluminum. You do need to proceed slowly as there are some hurdles.

You’ll need to deal with them correctly to ensure you get the grime off without damaging the siding.

Aluminum Siding Challenges

From a maintenance perspective, aluminum siding is prone to fading and chalking. We’ve already mentioned fading, but what is chalking?

If you’ve ever seen a white residue on your siding—you’ll notice it when you wipe your hand across the aluminum—you’re looking at chalking. It’s caused by oxidation and is a form of corrosion.

The primary issue caused by ignoring the chalking happens when you decide to paint the siding. The new paint won’t adhere well unless you’ve removed the residue.

Age is also a challenge.

Popular during the 1940s and 1950s, aluminum is no longer the siding material of choice. It’s prone to scratches and dents. And it requires more care than some homeowners wish to invest.

No amount of cleaning can completely erase the effects of aging on your home’s exterior. However, just because it hasn’t won any recent popularity contests, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the aluminum siding on your home looking as tidy and pristine as possible. 

Deep Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior 

While cleaning the siding won’t remove scratches and dents, you can get rid of grimy buildup. You just need to approach the cleaning job the right way.

Many homeowners attempt to deal with dirty siding is by grabbing a stiff brush and a bucket. That’s not ideal, as stiff bristles can damage the painted finish.

So, how do you deep clean? 

Pressure washing, when done regularly, is the ideal cleaning method for the exterior of your home. However, you’ll want to be aware of the risks associated with pressure washing aluminum siding.

The most significant risk you take is denting the aluminum. That’s why many homeowners have the job done by a professional pressure washing contractor.

Benefits of Working with a Professional Pressure Washing Company

Cleaning aluminum siding can become a significant project, especially if you haven’t cleaned your home’s exterior for a few years. As mentioned above, there are also some risks when you clean aluminum.

Working with A Brilliant Solution means you enjoy all the benefits of sparkling clean siding without any risks. With over 15 years of experience, we guarantee it!

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