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A Brilliant Solution LLC is a family-owned and operated residential and commercial exterior cleaning company located in Succasunna, New Jersey. Servicing Morris County for over 15 years, they have expanded into serving many other surrounding counties.

Jack and Kyle Kramer are the owners of A Brilliant Solution LLC. This father and son dynamic duo have brought a new level of customer service to the pressure washing industry.

Jack’s dedication to excellence in customer service, combined with delivering unsurpassed quality and workmanship, have been the cornerstones of their success. Coming from corporate America and applying his business acumen to the pressure washing trade has separated A Brilliant Solution from their competitors.

Having a son with a self-driven work ethic and laser customer focus is a secret weapon that many businesses do not have today. Kyle is an exemplary role model for the younger generation on how learning a trade and applying your skill set can equal success.

Presure Washing vs. power Washing

A Quote From Jack

According to Jack, “Pressure washing and or power washing are really one and the same. However, both can cause significant damage to any surface if the pressure is not managed properly. There are so many individuals who purchase a pressure washing machine and think they are in the business.

While I commend their efforts and entrepreneurship, there are so many different variations of proper applications and chemicals that need to be taken into consideration. Not knowing how the resilience of the surface, and how much pressure to apply, can result in surface damage that cannot be repaired.”

Professional cleaning

At Your Doorstep

Jack and Kyle have both taught classes on starting a pressure/power washing business with the curriculum including writing a business plan, buying the right equipment, proper washing of houses and roofs, and wood restoration. They were featured in eClean Magazine, an online publication targeting owners of pressure washing and power washing businesses.

If you or someone you know is looking to have the exterior of their home cleaned, their roof cleaned, their deck cleaned, their patio or pavers cleaned, their shed cleaned or any other exterior surface that needs cleaning, call the professionals at A Brilliant Solution.

Are you ready to make your home the envy of the neighborhood? Reach out today for a free estimate. Click and visit our “get estimate” button in the top navigation to set yours up!

If you are also interested in decorating your home or commercial business property for the holidays, take a look here at our Holiday Lighting services.

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