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Gloeocapsa Magma: How To Get Black Streaks Off My Roof

Gloeocapsa Magma: How To Get Black Streaks Off My Roof

What is Gloeocapsa Magma?

What Are Those Black Streaks On My Roof?

Did you know that ignoring the dirty, black streaks on your roof could result in roof damage?

If you live in a humid climate with asphalt shingles, the chances of getting those pesky black streaks increases thanks to the algae, Gloeocapsa Magma.

Blue-green in color, this type of bacteria is resilient against UV rays and spreads through the air or on the backs of local wildlife. If left untreated, this algae causes shingle decay and decreases your roof’s ability to reflect the sun over time.

You may be wondering, “Why does my roof have black streaks? How do I get these black streaks off my roof?”

Here are some answers you will find useful about getting rid of the problem.

Is Gloeocapsa Magma Mold?

Often labeled as roof mold this algae comes from a specific type of fungi. You’ll often find it clinging to the northern side of the roof which is the dampest early in the morning.

Once rooted, it can spread, so traditional cleaning methods won’t cut it. 

How Do I Get Black Streaks off My Roof?

The only way to eliminate the cause of the black streaks on your roof is with a power wash treatment. It sounds simple but eliminating algae requires a bit of expertise that could be dangerous if not done correctly. 

Some factors to keep in mind when treating are:

  • What cleaning solutions work
  • The application of the solutions to the roof
  • How much time it may take

Many cleaning companies offer this as a service but overcharge for time, supplies, and equipment. They use cleaning solutions that can damage plants, landscaping, even the roof material itself.

To fix this, our method of soft power-washing cleans the black streaks without any risk of property damage. The chemicals we use are bio-degradable and not only cleans but also helps with maintaining your roof in the future.

How Can I Prevent Black Streaks in the Future?

Replace the Roof

Some homeowners opt for replacing the asphalt roof with algae-resistant roofing instead. This roofing prevents regrowth with the use of Zinc and copper, which is toxic to algae.

Although it is effective, this option is the most expensive and can often be inconvenient to homeowners who have to live through the reconstruction.

Install Sheet Metal

If investing in a new roof is not an option, you can choose the less permanent alternative of installing strips of zinc or copper-coated sheet metal under your shingles.

It is less expensive than replacing a whole roof, but contractors can charge fees for labor and supplies.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

The most cost-efficient option is hiring an expert team that can monitor your roof and provides treatments for prevention on a monthly or yearly basis. Not only does it save you time, but it’s a fraction of the price of a new roof.

Skip the Hassle

Contractors are expensive and trusting the wrong company to clean Gloeocapsa Magma can be dangerous if they use the wrong chemicals.

A Brilliant Solution is a one-stop cleaning service that offers everything you need to clean and manage black streaks.

Check out our roof and siding power washing services and get an instant quote. For the complete exterior of the building, we also power wash pavers, decking, fences, and more using our soft power wash cleaning technique.

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