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Keeping Commercial Buildings Clean

Commercial buildings, condo associations and rental properties need exterior cleaning to keep them clean and aesthetically pleasing. Commercial buildings can become eyesores if the exterior is not maintained. There are many different types of exterior materials on commercial structures. It is important to make sure that you apply the right pressure to clean without damaging the finish.

Commercial buildings can have various materials such as stone, brick, granite, aluminum, wood or even vinyl on the exterior. Each material cleans differently, and only a seasoned professional knows the exact amount of pressure and if a biodegradable cleaner is needed.

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Pressure Washing

Our Soft Wash Pressure Cleaning is the Difference

Soft Pressure Washing

Regardless of the exterior of your commercial property, our soft wash cleaning provides the ultimate clean without any damage to the structure. We have been cleaning commercial building exteriors for decades with optimal results. Our professional power washing team knows how to clean your building to obtain optimal results.

Our ability to use low-pressure to gently clean exteriors has made us the number one choice of commercial building owners in New Jersey. Our process provides the ultimate clean with no damage to the building because we do not use high-pressure water.

The Secret Is Hot Water

Hot water provides the ultimate clean for all surfaces. When you wash your dishes at home by hand, you use hot water because they come cleaner. Your dishwasher uses boiling water to provide even a better clean. The same principle is true for cleaning exterior surfaces.

Most power washing companies cannot use hot water because they do not have the proper equipment. The equipment is very costly, and the maintenance can be as well. In addition, only a trained professional knows how much pressure vs. the water temperature to achieve optimal results without damaging the surface.

All of our trucks can provide hot water onsite without using the customer’s water. This is especially useful for some business locations where water is not readily available.

Eco-friendly Cleaners

There are times where hot water and low-pressure need a catalyst to improve the cleaning process. Our eco-friendly cleaners are the perfect solution for debris breakdown; therefore, these cleaners mixed with hot water effectively remove debris.

Our eco-friendly products help destroy mold, moss and mildew, allowing efficient removal from the surface with hot water and low pressure.

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