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Cement & Paver Power Washing

Pressure Washing For Cement and Pavers

Keeping Your Cement Pavers Looking Like New

The most common exterior surface homeowners struggle to keep clean are their cement pavers. If you are not careful, you can damage them easily using a high-pressure power washer. Pavers accumulate all types of debris such as mold, moss, dirt, and of course, weeds in between them.

Using a pressure washer with a high-pressure can remove the top surface layer, and you will see the white dot aggregate underneath. Unfortunately, this damage can come quickly and cannot be repaired.

We specialize in cleaning cement pavers and other types of stone and cement decking, especially around swimming pools.

Our Soft Wash For Cement & Pavers

Soft Power Washing

Many residential homes have now enhanced their backyard living space due to the pandemic and being stuck home. The preferred material chosen for patios and pool decks was pavers due to the low maintenance and longevity that they were sold on. However, cement pavers need to be kept clean to maintain their color and brightness.

Using a pressure washer or power washer with high-pressure can damage these types of foundations beyond repair. This is because the nozzle’s high pressure can remove the top layer of color from them exposing the aggregate underneath. Once this occurs, you will see tiny white dots on the top layer. The proper way to clean them is gentle with low pressure.

The mistake that most homeowners make is hiring a power washing company that does not have the experience to clean cement pavers properly. Once the damage is done, it cannot be repaired. Our professional paver specialists know how to clean properly, remove debris and keep them looking like new year after year.

Hot Water Power Washing

Our secret for cleaning dirty pavers is hot water. When pavers get mold, moss, or a significant amount of dirt embedded into the surface, nothing cleans better than hot water and low pressure.

We are one of the few companies that can provide hot water on site. The majority of power washing companies do not have the equipment to produce hot water. Our trucks are equipped with the latest technology in tanks and pumps to deliver hot water on site. We can even supply our water when clients have low-pressure wells and cannot provide the water we need.

Biodegradable Cleansers

There are times when difficult debris such as mildew, mold and moss appear on the surface of cement pavers. We try to remove the residue with low-pressure and hot water, and if that does not work, we introduce an approved bio-degradable cleaner to break down the debris. This helps speed up the process for the optimal clean. So keep your cement pavers looking new year after year and get an instant quote today.

Our Cement and Paver Work

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