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What Is Soft Power Washing?

what is soft power washing?ing

You are here for a reason. You are asking yourself, “what is soft power washing?” This article provides you with an overview of soft power washing, the chemicals used, soft washing vs. pressure washing and soft power washing for residential and commercial properties.

Power washing uses high-pressure streams of water to clear debris from fences, homes, garages and sidewalks. Unfortunately, high-pressure water isn’t suitable for all surfaces. Your siding might be clean, but after a power wash, it might be chipped and stripped. Now, there’s a solution that gets your property just as clean without the risk: soft power washing.

Overview Of Soft Power Washing

Pressure washers are used in soft power washing, but they are modified with low-pressure nozzles — often bringing water pressure to 500 PSI or lower. To make up for the lower pressure, soft pressure washing uses cleaning agents. Though these soft washing chemicals are biodegradable, they strip outdoor surfaces of mold, grime, stains and anything else that makes your home look dingy.

Common Soft Washing Chemicals

The main chemical used in soft power washing is sodium hypochlorite, also known as liquid bleach. When you think of bleach, you probably think of harsh chemicals that work well, but sting your eyes and irritate the skin. This begs the question, “Is soft washing safe?” In short: yes!

The American Cleaning Institute has found that this soft washing chemical is biodegradable. Sodium hypochlorite reacts so quickly with organic and non-organic matter that by the time it’s washed away, it has degraded into components easily absorbed by the environment. As it eats away at grimy gutters and stained concrete, it’s too broken down to pose a threat to your lawn, pets and surrounding wildlife.

Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing

So, what is soft power washing and what are its benefits?

High-pressure power washing certainly has its uses, but soft washing is far superior when cleaning:

  • Wood siding and furniture
  • Areas around outdoor plants like garden fences
  • Stucco
  • Vinyl
  • Screens and porches

Soft pressure washing also has the advantage of being able to use hot water. When equipped with the right parts, a soft pressure washer uses hot water with sodium hypochlorite to help kill mildew and other bacteria. In fact, the Food Safety and Inspection Service requires hot water for proper decontamination.

This means that soft pressure washing not only cleans stains but kills harmful bacteria, as well. While the equipment required to make a pressure washing system usable with hot water is expensive, it’s certainly worth it for peace of mind.

Commercial & Residential Soft Power Washing in New Jersey

We hope we have answered your questions regarding, “what is soft power washing.” So now, is it time to find a professional power washing company that provides soft power washing services for your residential or commercial property?

Call A Brilliant Solution for soft power washing services. Our office is located in Succasunna, New Jersey, in Morris County where we provide services to the surrounding areas. Whether you have a home or business that needs some freshening up, A Brilliant Solution combines biodegradable solutions with hot water soft washing for superior, spotless surfaces.

With over 15 years of service in Morris County and beyond, A Brilliant Solution is ready for any pressure washing project. Contact us today for a free consultation or soft power washing quote.

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