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7 Things That Can Be Cleaned with Pressure Washing

7 Things That Can Be Cleaned with Pressure Washing

What Can Be Cleaned With Pressure Washing

According to the calendar, winter is over. and spring sprung a little over a month ago—time to start your outdoor cleaning projects. 

If you’ve been thinking about pressure washing, you’ll want to read this article. Not everything takes well to the cleaning power of pressurized water, so we’ve put together a quick guide.

Read on and learn more about what surfaces can be power washed safely.

1. Outdoor Furniture

Bringing out the patio furniture signals all the fun activities associated with warm weather. After a long winter in storage, you’ll need to clear the cobwebs and remove dust and debris. 

Use caution when pressure washing wood furniture. You can damage softer woods.

7 Things That Can Be Cleaned with Pressure Washing, outdoor furniture

2. Cement

Concrete driveways and sidewalks are prime candidates for pressure washing. Pressure washers effectively remove dirt and grime and eliminate stains and even chewing gum. 

Watch out for loose concrete. Presser washing can loosen it further or throw small rocks and debris lodged in the cracks.

3. Pool Decks

You can pressure wash a pool deck, but it’s not a DIY job. You’ll want to call a power washing company to do the job right.

Pool decks attract grit, ground-in mud, pool chemicals and bacteria. A soft pressure wash uses specialized brushes and surfactants to ensure the deck gets clean without damaging it.

4. Patio Pavers

Pressure washing is an excellent way to restore the luster to dusty patio pavers

You’ll need to consider two things:

  • Be careful not to remove joint sand
  • Remember to reseal after washing

We recommend hiring a skilled professional to do this job. They’ll bring the tools and expertise to give you beautifully restored pavers and peace of mind.

In addition, if there is landscaping filled with shrubs and plants close to the pavers, using the wrong cleaning products can kill the greenery.

5. Roofs

Cleaning your roof should be part of your maintenance program. If you see black streaks on the roof, it is most likely gloeocapsa magma, algae that are another form of mold. A pressure washer will remove grime, soot, moss and algae.

Roof washing needs the proper method of care. If not done correctly, shingles and granules from underneath the shingles can come off. You can also inadvertently spray water underneath them. Neither will help maximize the life of the roof.

A qualified power washing contractor knows what each type of roofing material, from shingles, solar panels and others, needs to ensure a damage-free cleaning.

6. Wood Decks

Here is another pressure washing project that you should consider calling a power washing company to take care of for you. Wood decks are highly vulnerable to damage when the amount of pressure is too high. It can lead to chipping and splintering.

7 Things That Can Be Cleaned with Pressure Washing

7. Siding

If you have vinyl or aluminum siding, a pressure washer is a cure for caked-on grime and mold. You can also pressure wash wood siding, but there’s a higher risk for damage.

While it might seem like an excellent project for a weekend, it’s best to let a professional contractor do the job.

Now You Know What Surfaces Can Be Power Washed Safely

As with all home maintenance projects, there are things to watch out for, especially when cleaning with pressure washers and power washers.

We hope this article helps you determine what surfaces can be power washed safely. Of course, you’ll want to know what can’t be power washed. We can help with that as well.

Contact the experts at A Brilliant Solution. We’re here to help and we offer free estimates. We are one of the few companies that offer soft power washing which is an excellent way to pressure wash areas that can be damaged easily.

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