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Guide To Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding

Guide To Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding

Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding Guide

Did you know vinyl siding is the second most common primary exterior material used on homes started in 2020? Things in the home building industry have come a long way since the days of wood and brick siding.

While you can still cover the exterior of a home with either of those materials, you’ll find far fewer maintenance challenges when you go with vinyl. That said, vinyl still gets dirty, and you still need to help it maintain its beauty.

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your outdoor spring cleaning projects. Pressure washing vinyl siding is an excellent option for homeowners who want to restore the pre-winter pristine appearance of their home. 

There are, however, a few things to keep in mind before you get started.

Our quick guide contains the essential information you should know when you’re ready to schedule cleaning of your vinyl siding. Take a minute and explore this post before the official start of spring.

How to Clean Vinyl Siding

You already know how much of a difference a heavy rain can make when the exterior of your home is looking grimy. Rain can work wonders on the grime, but it can’t remove all of it.

You, however, can gather a few supplies, apply a good amount of elbow grease, and make progress toward restoring the beauty of your vinyl siding. Here’s your supply list:

  • Garden hose
  • Soft cloth
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Dish or laundry soap

Work from the bottom to the top of the house. Make sure you rinse your cleaning solution thoroughly before it dries.

What about when you notice mold on vinyl siding?

Mix 1 part bleach and 10 parts water in a spray bottle. Apply the solution only to areas with mold development and wipe with a soft cloth or sponge, spraying the area down with your hose.

How Often Should Vinyl Siding Be Power Washed?

Siding isn’t like your wood deck or your concrete driveway and walkways. Those areas get heavy foot traffic and need more cleaning than vinyl siding. 

Generally, it would be best to power wash siding at least once a year.

The area where you live does play a role in how often you clean your siding. Homes in humid climates tend to develop mold quickly.

If that’s the area where you live, you may need to consider a more frequent power washing service.

Power Wash Vinyl Siding Cost

In theory, companies that design exterior building materials do so to keep maintenance economical and straightforward for the homeowner.

For various reasons, many homeowners prefer to let a professional technician take care of cleaning vinyl siding. First, it can be a back-breaking job. Second, most people don’t keep pressure washing equipment hanging out in the garage.

Finally, using the service of a power washing business usually saves a homeowner time and money. 

The average cost for this type of job is between $570 and $900.

What you get for the price is a professional who knows exactly which techniques to use on your home. They’ll know which cleaning solution will be most effective. And, they’ll guarantee their work. 

We Handle All Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding Jobs

We hope this quick guide answers some of your questions about pressure washing vinyl siding. With the right tools and techniques, your siding should look nearly brand new.

Here at A Brilliant Solution, we use the best pressure washers providing a soft wash which is essential for vinyl siding. We also use specialized biodegradable detergent for pressure washers. 

Contact us today for an estimate. You’ll love what we do for your vinyl siding.

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