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Does Pressure Washing Cause Damage?

Does Pressure Washing Cause Damage?

How Much Damage Can a Pressure Washer Do?

With the hot weather season arriving soon, many homeowners shop for home improvement tools. A pressure washer is often on the list of most-wanted tools.

While pressure washing can help you tackle your outdoor cleaning projects, proceed with caution.

The wrong nozzles and improper pressure washing techniques can cause damage. How much damage can a pressure washer do?

We’ll answer that and a few other questions in this article. Read on before you start your spring and summer cleaning projects.

A Pressure Washer Does More Than Clean Surfaces

While most pressure washers designed for residential use do an excellent job of removing dirt and grime, they can damage the surfaces you’re attempting to clean.

Earlier, we mentioned pressure washing techniques. 

A pressure washer uses high pressure to force water through various sized nozzles. Whether you use a gas or an electric pressure washer, you’re hitting those surfaces with anywhere from 1300 to 2800 psi of pressure.

Some surfaces, like concrete, can take the high pressure. Roof shingles are more delicate and require soft wash techniques.

And the nozzle? The wrong nozzle could cause more damage than the wrong psi setting. That’s because it’s the nozzle that creates the pressurized water stream.

So, knowing that pressure washing is effective, let’s look at two typical outdoor home cleaning jobs: windows and siding.

Can You Pressure Wash Windows?

You’ve likely heard differing opinions about pressure-washing windows. While it’s true that you can pressure wash windows, it’s not a job for the faint-hearted homeowner.

Glass is fragile. So are window screens. Pressure washing can damage both.

If you use incorrect techniques, a pressure washer can shatter window glass and shred your screens. You can also loosen caulk and damage window seals, resulting in water damage.

Consider hiring a professional pressure washing contractor for cleaning windows.

Is Power Washing Bad for Siding?

It’s spring, and it’s the time when homeowners come out in unison to remove the winter grime from siding. You may notice your neighbors using a pressure washer to clean wood or vinyl siding.

You can pressure wash both. You must be careful, especially with wood siding.

If you’ve set the pressure too high, you can force water under your siding where it can damage insulation. Water underneath wood siding can also lead to mold growth.

With vinyl siding, be careful not to crack the vinyl. It happens when you set the pressure too high.

Vinyl siding does better with a soft pressure wash and the right cleaning solution.

We Tackle Pressure Washing Projects Safely

A pressure washer can help you manage outdoor cleaning projects, but as we’ve covered here, too much pressure and the wrong tools and techniques can cause costly damage.

So, while the tool works well, it depends on the proper techniques to do the job without damaging your home.

The team at A Brilliant Solution—with over 15 years of experience—gets the job done correctly and safely. Contact us today for a free estimate. If you want to explore us further, feel free to take a look at our 428 reviews all 5-star.

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