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Why Soft Wash Roof Cleaning? Hire The Best!

why soft wash roof cleaning

Guide to Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

You may be surprised if you haven’t researched the cost of a roof replacement lately. On average, you’ll pay around $8,600 for a new roof. Depending on the size of your home, you could pay much more.

Regular roof maintenance goes a long way toward optimizing the life of roofing materials, especially shingles.

Consider making soft wash roof cleaning part of your roof maintenance program. Read more about how this gentle cleaning method can help keep your roof looking fresh and clean without causing damage.

Why Clean Your Roof?

If you live in New Jersey, which averages between 40 and 51 inches of rain per year, you may assume the rain washes away enough dirt and debris to keep the roof relatively clean.

Did you know moisture on a roof attracts three culprits most likely to cause roof damage? Mold, moss, and algae are bad news for a roof.

Over time, algae wear away the shingles’ protective coating. The sponge-like consistency of moss causes it to retain moisture. If not removed, moss can lead to roof rot.

Mold may not cause as much physical damage to a roof, but it can lead to health problems for you and your household.

How Not to Clean Your Roof

If you’ve ever attempted to clean your roof, you’ve likely faced more than a few challenges. It’s not a job for someone with bad knees or a fear of heights.

Many homeowners buy a pressure washer from their local home improvement store, and away they go, washing everything in sight, including their shingles. This could spell disaster for your roof!

Using a blast of water under high pressure can cause shingles to lift, leaving the underlayment vulnerable to water damage. It can also damage the adhesive used to bond shingles together.

Another issue is the capacity of most personal-use pressure washers. They’re not built to clean a roof. Most won’t have a hose long enough to reach the peak of the roof, which leaves a significant portion of the roof dirty.

While it may seem like a great DIY project, hiring a professional who knows how to clean your roof is wiser.

Introducing Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

For homeowners in NJ, power washing services can help restore the appearance of your roof by safely removing dirt, grime, algae, moss, and mold. Soft-wash roof cleaning uses low-pressure cleaning techniques, hot water, and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

A professional pressure-washing company uses soft wash cleaning systems—machines designed to apply roof cleaners.

Consumer-grade pressure washers run 1300 to 2800 PSI, depending on whether you use a gas or electric-powered model. The soft wash machines use around 500 PSI. They’re gentle on the roof and, when combined with a professional roof cleaning solution and hot water, are the safest way to clean a roof.

Read on to learn more about soft wash cleaning experts that offer pressure washing in NJ—A Brilliant Solution.

Schedule Roof Cleaning Today

It’s not too late to have a clean roof before winter officially arrives. Why not give soft wash roof cleaning as a holiday gift to yourself?

You’ll enjoy the benefits of a like-new roof without the stress of doing it yourself or worrying about causing roof damage.

A Brilliant Solution has over 15 years of experience in pressure washing in NJ. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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