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Top 10 Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing

Top 10 Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing

95% of consumers said that the appearance of a business’s exterior would impact whether they shop or spend money with the business.

As a business owner or manager, this statistic is hard to ignore when you know the importance of bringing customers and clients through the door.

Have you taken a step back and looked critically at the appearance of your commercial space lately? The benefits of commercial pressure washing can help give your business a refreshed and polished appearance.

What are the benefits of pressure washing your business? What are the benefits of pressure washing your business? But commercial pressure washing can do more than that for your business. Read on to learn about the many benefits of commercial pressure washing for your commercial building.

1. Maintain Property Value

As a business, you never want to give the impression that your business is struggling. A dirty, unkempt building exterior creates a first impression that’s hard to overcome in the eyes of your customers.

Pressure washing your business can help to maintain your property value. A clean, well-maintained building is worth more and gives the impression that your business cares about details.

If you’re ever in the market to sell your commercial property, regular pressure washing will help maintain the property so that the value is at its maximum when it’s time to sell.

2. Remove Graffiti

There’s nothing so frustrating as seeing pulling up to your commercial building and seeing graffiti painted along the side of your building.

It can reduce property values. While some graffiti is considered art, leaving it on your building only invites more graffiti. Once the vandals see that the graffiti is left alone, there’s a mindset it’s okay to keep doing it.

On the flip side, when a pressure washer removes the graffiti, it lets those doing the painting know that they’re wasting their time because you will have it removed.

3. Reduce Recurring Maintenance Costs

Commercial pressure washing services can help you maintain your commercial space’s exterior surfaces.

If you leave the surfaces of your building collecting dirt and contaminants, they can deteriorate your building’s surfaces over time.

Routine maintenance, including regular commercial pressure washing, means you can reduce big problems from occurring. You invest in low-cost maintenance and help to prevent more significant problems from arising.

By having routine pressure washing done, you can help your building’s paint job last longer or avoid the need for the entire building to need a repaint job.

4. Improve Curb Appeal

You already know the importance of curb appeal for your business. Interestingly, most people think of curb appeal only in the context of residential spaces.

Yet, it matters for commercial spaces too.

Good curb appeal makes a customer want to come through the door. It tells your customers that you take pride in your business and care about details.

It can also reduce the risk of liability, especially on concrete surfaces. If you have loose concrete, that could be a fall risk.

5. Promote a Healthy Environment

Over time, your building’s exterior surfaces can collect contaminants from the air. It can also accumulate mildew, mold, and other bacteria on the surface of the building.

This can impact your employee’s health and your customers, too. Health problems like respiratory issues and allergies can be avoided by pressure washing the exterior of the building.

If you have high-traffic areas in your building, you can also have slippery surfaces that could be risky for customers and employees.

Regular pressure washing to remove mold, mildew, and grime can make your building a healthier place to work.

6. Saves Overall Cleaning Time

You probably already know from your own home what happens when you ignore cleaning. The job becomes much bigger and more challenging.

The same is true in your commercial space. When you do routine pressure washing, it keeps the cleaning time needed to a minimum. Your building looks clean and well maintained all the time, instead of letting it get dirty and then having it be more challenging to clean.

Commercial pressure washing is also much quicker and more efficient than attempting to send an employee out to clean your space.

7. Identify Property Needs

When commercial pressure washing is done, you’ll remove dirt and grime. You’ll also be able to see the surfaces on and around your building.

This allows you to identify property needs for maintenance before they become significant problems.

When your building is covered in grime, it can be hard to see what’s needed. Once uncovered, you can address building upkeep before it deteriorates into a bigger and more expensive issue.

8. Prep for Renovations

You might be hoping to do some renovations or repairs on your commercial space. Before you begin, even planning the renovations, it’s wise to have a commercial pressure washing done.

Once pressure washed, you get a better look at your building.

Let’s say you’re hoping to paint your building. Once the pressure washing is done, the surfaces are ready for the paint. Not only will there be less prep work for the paint job, but it will also last longer too.

9. Remove Pests

When a building isn’t scrubbed, outdoor pests can make their home in the cracks and crevices.

You might have some accumulated cobwebs that are hard to get rid of on the surface of your building. You might even have some bird droppings on your windows or outdoor walls.

Not only does pressure washing get rid of those unsightly pest remnants, it also often gets rid of pests like spiders.

10. Business Location More Inviting

When you invest in routine pressure washing for your building, it will be maintained and look more inviting.

Customers like to know they are giving their money to a business that cares about what it does. It gives the customers the message that you will also care about what you do for them.

It also tells your customers they will be met with thoughtful, detailed customer service.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Commercial Power Washing

The benefits of commercial power washing can make a big difference in your commercial space’s appearance and life span.

If you’re ready to get your building a good cleanup, we can help. Contact us today to schedule your commercial power washing.

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