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How Do You Pressure Wash a House Without Damaging It?

How Do You Pressure Wash a House Without Damaging It?

Come clean! A 2020 survey revealed that the average American parent spends roughly one day cleaning their house every month. Many people waste time scrubbing surfaces they can clean with a simple water flow. 

Pressure washing is a great way to clean the exterior of your house. Yet many people decline to pressure wash their house because they’re worried about damage from power washing. If you’re anxious about pressure washing, you need to answer a few questions. 

Can power washing cause damage, and how do you pressure wash a house without damaging it? How can you prevent damage from pressure washing? What tools should you use for effective power washing?

Answer these questions, and you can have a glistening home in less time than you think. Here is your quick pressure washing guide.

Cover Things That Can Get Damaged

Even low-powered pressure washers can damage windows, shutters, and plants. It would be best to cover these areas with tarps to avoid problems. 

As an extra layer of protection, you should place duct tape around your window frames so water cannot leak through them. Use duct tape to secure the tarps in place, so the water doesn’t rip them away.

Find the Right Nozzle

Many people use whatever nozzles happen to be on their pressure washers. This can cause significant damage to your house if your nozzle is at the wrong angle. 

The shorter your angle is, the higher the water pressure will be. For a hard surface like brick, you can use a spray nozzle that is at a 15-degree angle. For a softer material like wood, you can use a 30-degree nozzle. 

Even if you are using the correct nozzle, you should hold the pressure washer at a slight angle. This will allow the water to run down the height of your building and remove debris.

Go Section by Section

Do not rush while pressure washing a house. You risk missing areas of your home or applying too much water pressure on a vulnerable area.

Pick an area of your home you want to start with, then pick a section of that area. You should spray the area with a pressure washer detergent, then test your pressure washer on it. Use the water to remove dirt and grime, then move on to your next section. 

You may not need to use your pressure washer. Scrubbing the section with a cleaning solution and using a brush may be enough to remove the dirt. Only use a pressure washer if you notice a lot of grime remaining after a few minutes of scrubbing.

When you’re done cleaning the sides of your house, you should clean your roof. Tell-tale signs that your roof needs cleaning include moss growth and clogged gutters. 

So How Do You Pressure Wash a House Without Damaging It?

Many people have questions about pressure washing a home. “How do you pressure wash a house without damaging it?” is the most common one. 

Brick and concrete can withstand high water pressure, but glass and wood may not. Protect vulnerable areas of your home with tarps.

Then select a nozzle that is at an angle to your house. Scrub dirty areas with a detergent, notice if the detergent removes the dirt, then apply the water. Just make sure the pressure is not too high if you are power washing that. Have you heard of the soft power washing technique?

Power washing may seem easy, but many surfaces can easily and quickly get damaged if the power washing is not done correctly. You must contact professional power washing services if you feel you may leave some surfaces vulnerable to damage.

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