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How to Power Wash House the Right Way

How to Power Wash House the Right Wa

How to Power Wash House

Last summer, many New Jersey residents wondered if they’d moved to Florida. Intense heat, oppressive humidity, and multiple heavy rainstorms during July took a toll on people and their homes. Blame it on the tropical air mass!

Weather is a primary cause of exterior property damage.

Humidity creates the ideal breeding ground for mold growth. Heavy rains splash mud up against buildings, which then dries into a grimy film.

Power washing is one way to keep your home pristine despite the weather. However, there’s a right and wrong way to power wash a house. Read on to find learn more on how to power wash house the right way.

What Is Power Washing?

There’s nothing like good old water and elbow grease to clean things, right? While there’s some truth to the statement, it’s not quite that simple.

Ground-in dirt—like what develops on home exteriors—usually doesn’t budge without pressure. That’s when power washing can make a significant difference.

A power washer uses a high-pressure stream of hot or cold water to remove dirt and grime from exterior surfaces. You can also add cleaning solutions to a power washing machine that help remove mold, algae, and stubborn grime.

Professional power washers use industrial-type equipment and solutions to ensure they remove every particle of dirt the right way without causing damage to the surfaces. 

How to Power Wash House

The techniques used to power wash a home depend on the surface type. For example, a different power washing method will need to be used for concrete vs. siding. Wood siding requires a low setting and a fan nozzle to avoid damage.

You should stand about 3 feet away from the house. Spray the surface working from the top down using a horizontal, side-to-side motion.

If pressure washing siding, too much pressure can force water under the siding. You also risk putting dents in aluminum siding or chipping the painted finish. Even vinyl, a durable material, can suffer damage if you use the wrong power washing techniques.

If you use a cleaning solution, rinse it with your garden hose. The final step is ensuring the surfaces dry before applying paint or stain.

The problem with power washing is that unless you have professional experience, you can damage your home’s exterior. It’s easy to use too much pressure or not enough.

When Should You Power Wash Your Home?

Maybe you have an overly ambitious neighbor who brings out the pressure washer every weekend. While there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with the Jones, in this case, be careful about following in their footsteps.

Most home exteriors benefit from an annual power washing. If you have wood siding, once a year may be too much unless you’re familiar with soft washing techniques.

While you can power wash a house just about any time of year (except winter), late spring and fall are ideal. In late spring, you’ll remove pollen. At the end of fall, you’ll tackle dried leaves, cobwebs and dirt.

Call a Professional Power Washing Team

While you can power wash a house, it doesn’t mean you should do it yourself.

Professionals spend several years perfecting their techniques to ensure they clean home exteriors correctly and without causing damage. They also carry liability insurance, which protects you (and them) if damage should occur.

When you work with the professional and friendly crew at A Brilliant Solution, we guarantee a job done right the first time. Contact us, and we’ll provide a free no-obligation estimate. We hope to talk to you soon! In the meantime, stroll on over to Google and check out our 5-star rating with 452 customer reviews.

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