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How Often Should I Pressure Wash My House?

How Often Should I Pressure Wash My House?

How Often Should I Wash The House Exterior?

Stop wondering once and for all, “Should I pressure wash my house?”

Pressure washing is an efficient way to clean the exterior of your home. It uses a powered stream of water to clean away dirt, dust, and mold. 

When professionals use hot water and eco-friendly cleaning solutions while washing, it can leave your house looking new. Plus, regular pressure washing will help protect from mold and mildew. It will also extend the life of siding on your home.

But, you might be wondering about how often to wash your house exterior. Well then, keep reading to find out!

Why Should I Choose Pressure Washing?

The exterior of your house is always exposed to the outdoor elements. Over time, these elements will cause the exterior to get dirty. This includes things like pollution, chemical residue, and animal droppings.

Not cleaning the exterior can cause structural problems to your roof or siding. Not only will it look dirty, but your home could rot or face mold infestations that work their way inside.

Pressure washing isn’t just practical. It’s time- and cost-effective too. Pressure washing will easily remove buildup, often without even needing a ladder!

Additionally, you can pressure wash other areas like your:

  • Fence
  • Deck
  • Patio
  • Railings
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Garage
  • Outdoor furniture

Pressure washing can keep your entire property looking clean with just one professional visit. 

When Should I Pressure Wash My House?

Generally, pressure washing your home once a year is enough. However, your location and climate can alter this estimate.  

For example, if you live in a humid or rainy climate, you may need to pressure wash more than once a year. This is because molds thrive in wet environments. They may build up faster than in dry climates. 

Your local residential pressure washing service company can help you create a power washing schedule that’s right for your home.

Further, if you plan to repaint your house, give it a pressure wash beforehand. It will ensure no residue gets stuck between the old and new coats of paint. If there is residue on the house, the color will stick to the residue instead of the house.

This will cause the paint to chip more easily.

When you plan to sell your house, you want to pressure wash it before photographing and putting it on the market. No one wants to buy a dirty house unless of course it is priced low, which most of us do not want to do. On the other hand, a clean exterior will increase your home’s value. The increased value will far outweigh the cost of power washing.

Finally, if there’s a lot of construction in your neighborhood, the dust and debris will build up quickly. You can pressure wash your home more frequently during this time or when the building finishes.

Schedule a Wash

When it comes to cleaning the exterior of your home, don’t give pressure washing a second thought! It’s the best option. But remember to contact a professional, so you don’t do any damage. Pressure washing can be dangerous and destructive if not done correctly. Using the right pressure washing techniques is vital to achieving incredible results.

By now, if you’re thinking, “It’s time to pressure wash my house,” then give us a call at A Brilliant Solution. We’ll give you a free estimate and provide excellent service for all your pressure washing needs.

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