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What Time of Day is Best to Pressure Wash in New Jersey

What Time of Day is Best to Pressure Wash in New Jersey

The Best Time of Day to Pressure Wash in New Jersey

Pressure washing is an effective way to clean the exterior of your New Jersey home or business. Finding the optimal time to pressure wash can ensure you achieve the best results. The time of day that works best often depends on the surface being cleaned, the season, local weather conditions, and whether this is a do-it-yourself project or a professional is hired.

Here are some tips on choosing the right time to pressure wash in New Jersey.

Early Morning

The ideal time to pressure wash is generally in the early morning after dawn and before 10 am. The cooler temperatures help the cleaning solutions, and high-pressure water works more effectively for cleaning the surface. This allows the grime and dirt to come off more efficiently before the sun dries and bakes it.

Early morning also tends to be less windy. Strong winds can blow debris and cleaning solutions onto unintended surfaces.

Late Afternoon

Late afternoon before dusk can also be an optimal time to pressure wash in New Jersey. The high sun and heat of midday have passed. Temperatures are cooling but still warm enough to aid with drying. The angle of the late afternoon sun can help illuminate stubborn dirt on siding, decks, and pavements.

Cloudy Days

Overcast and cloudy days can present challenges as shadows appear, leaving certain spotted areas uncleaned.

On the positive side, Without direct sunlight, there is less chance of the cleaning agents drying too fast before cleaning adequately.

As cloudy days can have their benefits, hiring a professional power washing company is crucial as they will know precisely how to adjust to the situation.

Midday in Summer

For residential homes and commercial properties in New Jersey, the summer middays can get unpleasantly hot, making pressure washing physically taxing.

In addition, the hot midday temperatures can cause cleaning solutions and water to dry too fast, preventing them from adequately lifting grime from surfaces. The high sun can additionally reflect glares, making certain areas, especially second-floor buildings and above, more challenging to clean.

Again, we note that hiring a top-ranking professional in pressure washing will know precisely how to complete the job perfectly without streaks and harm to the crew.

So, Precisely What Is The Best Time of Day to Pressure Wash in New Jersey

Basically, when pressure washing with a DIY method, you must know the challenges listed above and consider several factors, including the weather, sunlight, temperature, and your schedule. In addition, the best time can vary depending on the surface being cleaned.

However, suppose you hire a professional pressure-washing company in New Jersey. In that case, if you choose the right power washing company, the project can be done whether it is 40 degrees and raining or 95 degrees and sunny, as the weather rarely will impact the results.

Pressure Wash for Superior Results

If you decide you want a pristine home or business at any time of the year, annually, every other year or something else, you can rest assured that the pressure wash in New Jersey services you receive from A Brilliant Solution will be well above par as our over 635 5-Star reviews shows. (Note that this review count was from 11/2023, and you will see the 5-Star review numbers grow daily.)

Contact A Brilliant Solution to learn more about our pressure wash in New Jersey services and get a free quote.

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