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Fall Cleaning: Driveways, Decks & Patios

Fall Cleaning: Driveways, Decks & Patios

As the color of leaves change and temperatures drop, fall is the perfect time to thoroughly clean and prepare your home’s outdoor living spaces for the colder winter. Your driveway, deck, and patio likely saw a lot of wear and tear over the spring and summer. Before the snow starts falling, schedule fall cleaning services to restore the beauty and function of these exterior spaces.

Power washing is a top cleaning method to revive driveway, decks, and patios in the fall. The pressurized water can blast away built-up dirt, debris, stains, mildew, and other grime that regular sweeping and mopping can’t tackle. Investing in professional power washing services for your fall cleaning is the best way to deep clean pavement, wood surfaces, and other exterior materials without damaging them.

Why Fall Power Washing is Essential

Over the summer, your driveway takes a beating from car fluids, tire marks, and other dirt and stains from heavy use. The patio furniture, grilling equipment, potted plants and other items on your deck or patio can leave behind debris, stains, and spills. Food, drink spills, leaves, pollen, and environmental dust and pollutants accumulate on all outdoor surfaces over the seasons.

Not only does this grime make your outdoor living areas look dirty and dingy, but it can also lead to long-term damage and deterioration if the proper deep cleaning doesn’t happen each fall. Dirt, stains, mold, and mildew left on exterior materials like concrete, wood, vinyl, and stone patio pavers over the winter months can lead to premature cracking, splintering, erosion, and water damage.

Thorough fall cleaning with power washing helps protect your expensive driveways, decks, and patios from preventable deterioration so they last longer. Removing all built-up contaminants restores safety on slippery pavement and decking as well.

The Powerful Process of Power Washing

From an average distance of 5-15 feet, power washers spray water at high pressure ranging from 1500 to 4000 PSI. This specialized equipment generates significant force to break apart and dislodge dirt, stains, mold, pollen, and other grime lodged in various outdoor surfaces’ tiny pores and cracks over time.

Power washing can clean areas that low-pressure hoses and cleaning tools cannot reach. The pressurized water is especially adequate for cleaning:

  • Concrete and asphalt driveways
  • Composite and wood decks
  • Natural stone and concrete pavers
  • Vinyl and stamped concrete patios

Proper power washing involves carefully guiding the concentrated spray in smooth, even strokes across the treatment surface. This prevents streaks and avoids gouging materials.

Professionals know how to power wash various surfaces to avoid damaging them. In addition, they are equipped with the proper protective gear and techniques to deliver superior cleaning safely.

Fall Cleaning Power Washing Tips

  • Wait for a dry day without rain so surfaces can air dry quickly after cleaning.
  • Sweep loose debris before power washing.
  • Check for raised nails, cracked boards, or other needed deck and patio repairs to address before or after cleaning.
  • Cover nearby plants and grass to prevent damage from the spray.
  • Allow all wet surfaces to completely dry before staining, sealing, or parking vehicles.
  • Dispose of dirty run-off properly to avoid staining driveways or patios.
  • Rinse away any cleaning solutions entirely after use.

Safety Precautions

  • Keep children and pets away during power washing.
  • Wear rubber-soled shoes for grip on wet surfaces.
  • Ensure adequate lighting if cleaning at night.
  • Use caution when working from heights like ladders or roofs.
  • Wear eye and ear protection.
  • Never point spray nozzle at people, pets, live electrical gear, or directly at home structures.

Refresh and Protect Exterior Living Areas for Winter

Your driveway, patio, and deck see a lot of damaging weathering over the seasons. Take advantage of the fall weather to thoroughly clean and protect these valuable assets before winter arrives.

Contact a professional power washing company to safely deep clean and restore the beauty of your home’s outdoor living spaces so they look their best. Investing a little time and money on exterior maintenance this fall prevents more costly repairs later on.

If you reside or have a commercial property in New Jersey and want expert fall cleaning services, contact A Brilliant Solution for professional power washing services.

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