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EPA Pressure Washing Regulations for Commercial Bldgs.

EPA Pressure Washing Regulations for Commercial Bldgs.

EPA Pressure Washing Regulations for Commercial Buildings

Did you know that the pressure washing industry can be traced back to 1926? Frank W. Ofeldt II accidentally discovered it when he realized that steam forced at high pressure through a small hose is an effective way of cleaning grease off his garage floor.

Power washing is a common way to clean houses, commercial buildings, garage floors, and driveways. Keep reading, and we will guide you through the EPA pressure washing regulations you have to follow when power washing commercial buildings.

Why People Choose Pressure Washing

Keeping large commercial buildings clean can be difficult, and you likely need a cleaning professional and washing services to make sure it’s done correctly. The building service manager or contractor is in charge of scheduling these services and regular maintenance.

Power washing is best for keeping the exterior of your building clean because it can remove paint, dirt, and salt. However, whether you hire a service or look to use a power washer yourself, you need to make sure that you’re following EPA pressure washing regulations.

You may face hefty fines and a legal headache if you don’t. If you hire a pressure washing company, you should check to ensure they follow these regulations because the building owner will be liable even if they weren’t doing the actual washing.

A Brilliant Solution is a reputable company that has commercial power washing services. They have over 25 years of experience and are well-versed in ensuring your building is cleaned correctly and safely.

Follow the EPA Regulations

Under RRP (lead renovation, repair, and painting), pressure washing isn’t illegal. However, you have to follow containment requirements similar to other work practices.

You have to make sure that the area you are cleaning is blocked off so that no dust, debris, plastic, or other materials that could potentially come off the building enter any space around your facility.

You need to prevent excess materials from contaminating any space around it, including storm drain systems that could be easily blocked. You also want to make sure that there are no dangerous chemicals involved in the process of cleaning.

In addition, you want to make sure you dispose of the wastewater after you hose down the building. You need to consider the different types of waste that will come off the building and how to dispose of it.

It would be best to consider these costs before the project to know how much you will need to get rid of everything, and you aren’t trying to figure it out at the last minute.

Prepare Before Power Washing

Now that you know what EPA pressure washing regulations you need to follow before pressure washing, you want to make sure the power washing company you hire adheres to the protocols to avoid a hefty fine.

Commercial buildings are large properties that can require extensive cleaning, and power washing is the most efficient way. The cleaning, use of chemicals and disposal are important factors that must be considered.

Learn more about your state’s regulations for waste disposal or contact A Brilliant Solution today to learn more about our safe and effective commercial power washing services.

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