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Why Power Wash Your House in the Fall

Why Power Wash Your House in the Fall

With fall arriving this month, it’s time to plan for winter. Homeowners here in New Jersey will soon begin winterizing their homes.

Some may get a head start on putting up holiday lights. Others add an extra layer of weatherstripping around doors and windows.

Fall is the ideal time to tackle exterior tasks that need to be done before cold weather arrives. Power washing is an excellent way to care for many fall outdoor projects.

What about your home—your haven from the world—should you power wash your house in the fall? Read on and learn more about why many homeowners choose to clean up the exterior of their homes by hiring a power washing professional.

What Projects Can You Handle with a Power Washer?

After several months of hot weather, heavy rain, and perhaps even a few very windy days, you’ll notice a layer of dirt and grime on your siding and exterior surfaces.

While power washing doesn’t work well for every outdoor cleaning project, there are plenty of things this workhorse can get clean. Here are a few:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Gutters
  • Concrete driveways
  • Decks
  • Pool pavers
  • Windows

Vinyl siding isn’t the only exterior material you can power wash. Aluminum siding and brick can also benefit from a deep cleaning with a power washer.

Please note that as we use the term power washing, we also refer to pressure washing. Both are somewhat different, and hiring a professional power/pressure washing company that knows which method to use on each surface is vital. One method will be better for concrete and another for wood surfaces. If the correct technique is not applied, damage to the surface can occur.

Why Power Wash Your House in the Fall?

You can pressure wash during the summer and spring, but fall is a fantastic time to take care of dirt and debris with a blast of high-pressure water.

Most people associate summer with BBQs, trips to the beach and playing flashlight tag after dark. Unfortunately, summer is also when your exterior surfaces attract all kinds of debris. You may even notice a buildup of greasy grime and algae or mold.

The debris collected all summer long can leave behind stubborn stains. Leaving stains to set over the winter could cause them to be challenging to remove.

If not cleaned for a season, gutters could create a cold weather disaster.

Over the spring and summer, gutters can fill up with debris. By the time fall arrives, you’ll likely have enough leaves stuck in the gutters that you end up with a clog.

Clogs lead to water spilling over onto your siding. Water trapped in gutters can freeze. If water from the roof can’t roll off into the gutters, you could end up with an ice dam.

Power washing in the fall helps prevent all these things. When considering the importance of pressure washing in the fall, you’ll want to keep the above points in mind. 

Fall Power Washing Reduces Safety Hazards

Greasy stains are a year-round problem, especially if your vehicle has an oil leak. Don’t forget about chewing gum dropped on the driveway or sidewalks.

Anything left on outdoor surfaces can get frozen to the ground. At that point, you have a trip-and-fall hazard.

With several winter holidays approaching, you’ll likely have more visitors than usual. Don’t gamble with the safety of family and friends.

Done right, power washing in the fall helps protect your family and guests visiting your home. It also protects your power washing contractor’s equipment and their employees.

Fall provides the best temperature to power wash the house. Once outdoor temperatures fall below 40 degrees, the pumps on power washing equipment can freeze. Employees working in freezing temperatures are also at risk of hypothermia.

Contact Us and Schedule Fall Power Washing

Now is the perfect time to take care of those pre-winter outdoor cleaning projects. You’ll breeze through the winter without worrying about backed-up gutters or someone slipping on a greasy stain on the driveway.

Here at A Brilliant Solution, we’re experts in helping our customers prepare for winter. We’re local and family-owned, which means we put everything into helping protect the people in our community.

Contact A Brilliant Solution today to request a free estimate.

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