Pavers Can be Beautiful with the Right Cleaning


It’s summertime, and you’ll be spending a lot of time on your patio or sitting out by the pool. You’ll also be welcoming visitors on your front porch, which may also have pavers. So of course, you’ll want them to be clean and beautiful.

Pavers are often made of cement, which is very porous. After wear and tear, the cement starts to get gritty, and can also become stained. The first thing you’ll want to do is seal your pavers to keep this from happening. Depending on the amount of use your pavers get, you’ll want to seal them every 1-4 years.

In between, though, you’ll still want to clean them regularly. At A Brilliant Solution, we clean pavers with hot water, which does much better to get them bright and spotless than cold water. In addition, we use a proprietary cleaning solution to get your pavers sparkling without harming or fading them.

Besides the normal dirt that comes from wear and tear, you’ll also want to get rid of algae and mold, particularly by pool areas. Besides looking great, your pavers will stay safer without slippery algae and mold that could cause a serious fall.

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