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Auto Dealership, Car Lot Pressure Washing Services

Auto Dealership, Car Lot Pressure Washing Services

Automotive Dealership Pressure Washing Services: A Brilliant Solution

New Jersey is home to roughly 500 new car dealerships. There may be that many or more previously owned car dealerships. That’s a lot of auto dealership asphalt and concrete to keep clean.

Savvy dealership managers know how essential a sparkling clean car lot is to attract customers.

You might think the best way to clean a car lot is to do it the old-fashioned way—hire someone who wants to make a few dollars after school or on weekends. Effective car lot cleaning takes more than a bucket of soapy water and a garden hose. 

In this article, we’ll talk about auto dealership power washing in NJ and why it’s something you should seriously consider today. We’ll show you why hiring a commercial pressure washing service guarantees you’ll get the job done right.

Why Automotive Dealership Pressure Washing Is Essential

Customers and cars are two primary reasons to keep a dealership lot clean.

Customers love the look of an automotive dealership lot when it’s full of shiny new or previously owned cars. While you might think they keep their eyes focused on their next ride, they notice more than just the cars.

When was the last time you checked out the parking lot at your competition across town?

If their lot looks cleaner than yours, they’re likely to see more customers look at and buy cars. They may even sell cars at a higher price than the dealership with the grungy-looking lot.

Customers like to walk through an aesthetically pleasing car lot. When it’s clean, customers will feel comfortable and safe visiting your dealership.

Power washing uses high-pressure water and cleaning agents to remove the visible dirt, mold, and debris. Plus, power washing removes the germs and bacteria you don’t see.

When you offer a clean parking lot, customers won’t feel nervous about slipping on an oil spill or exposure to bacteria.

Don’t forget about your inventory. Pressure washing your lot protects the vehicles sitting on it. We’ll show you why next.

Benefits of Automotive Dealership Pressure Washing

Whether you’re new to the job or a seasoned automotive dealership owner, you are likely familiar with the challenges of keeping up appearances.

Inside, the showroom and staff offices need attention daily. Outside, in the lot, you deal with tar, oil stains, and even bubble gum. You can’t ignore these things, or you risk causing damage to your lot.

Over time parking lot materials break down because of a buildup of grime, salt, oil, and other common chemicals. Pressure washing guarantees you’ll get a more useful life from your parking lot. If done according to regulations set by the EPA, it can also help protect the well-being of anyone who visits your dealership.

Pressure washing can also help protect your inventory.

The routine dirty and debris gets kicked up and settles on your vehicles. Customers walking through an oily stain or with gum stuck to a show may unintentionally damage the interior of any car they test drive.

To optimize your customer’s experience and minimize the costs of maintaining a clean parking lot, your automotive dealer cleaning plan should include pressure washing from an experienced business pressure washing service like A Brilliant Solution.

How to Schedule Auto Dealership Power Washing in NJ

If your goals this year include improving the appearance of your auto dealership, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with A Brilliant Solution today.

Our experienced crew uses the latest technology and equipment. We specialize in auto dealership power washing in NJ. Our primary goal is to do an efficient and effective job for our clients.

Contact us today and request a free estimate. We look forward to getting to know you.

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