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6 Tips to Prepare Home for Spring Listing

6 tips to prepare home for spring listing

How to Prepare your Home for a Spring Listing

Whether it is a seller’s market or a buyer’s market, you should never cut corners when prepping your home for sale.

Even if you’ve already cleaned your spring, take it further to command top dollar. You can make many free or low-cost improvements to capitalize on the real estate market and get top dollar for your home.

Here we list a few tips to prepare your home for a spring listing.

First and Foremost, Consider Working From The Outside In

Enhance Curb Appeal

Before the for sale sign hits the yard, do a drive-by of your property. Does it make a good first impression? If not, pump up the curb appeal by trimming shrubs and trees, replanting flowerpots with colorful blooms, and laying fresh mulch.

Repair anything damaged during winter, such as shutters or fences, and clean the gutters. Take a blower to clear leaves and twigs so that gravel areas, walkways and patios are pristine. Wash windows and pressure wash the exterior if needed. You might even consider re-staining or painting the front door an eye-catching hue. Add a cheerful welcome mat or wreath to complete the transformation.

Note: if the house is dirty, pressure washing it will be a great benefit and add value to the home when preparing for a spring listing. A Brilliant Solution is here to pressure wash your house and make it look spotless for potential buyers. And do not worry; with over 450 Google Reviews, we still maintain a 5-Star rating.

Now Let us Go Inside

Spruce Up the Interior

Inside, focus on cleaning, decluttering and freshening every room. Ask a friend to walk through your home with a buyer’s critical eye. What needs to be repaired, improved, moved, removed or replaced?

Deep Clean

The reasons for cleaning are evident: your home will look and smell better, demonstrating pride in ownership. A clean home on the surface can signal you’ve also kept up with household maintenance.


Decluttering makes every room appear larger, and clearing out some of your more personal belongings will help prospective buyers imagine themselves living in the space. Take down family photos, clear the refrigerator door, and clean off countertops.

At a minimum, organize your closets, pantry and garage. Better yet, do a major clean-out. You’ll have to do it eventually, so you might as well let buyers envision just how much stuff they can store!


Freshening goes beyond basic cleaning. It may mean refinishing or polishing wood floors, shampooing carpets and area rugs, dry cleaning draperies, or painting walls. Consider replacing soft goods like bedding, bath towels and throw pillows to help the home show better and look photo-worthy.

The Final Stage

A little staging can go a long way in making a place look enticing. When you know your home will be shown, prepare as if the company is coming. Turn on background music, adjust the lighting, open the curtains and blinds, and add fresh flowers or a fruit bowl.  And don’t forget to pick up any pet bowls and toys. If there’s a cat box, remove it from the home (along with the cat) or at least have it tucked out of sight.

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make an excellent first impression. By taking the time to assess and revitalize things inside and out, you’ll reap the rewards of a home shown in its best light.

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