Power Washing of Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

Power washing and pressure washing are the same thing… But what pressure is being used is less clear. A Brilliant Solution LLC is proud to offer safe, effective, and budget-friendly soft power washing services to our region’s homeowners.


The "A Brilliant Solution" Difference

Soft Power Washing

Soft Power Washing uses a very low water pressure to gently clean your home and gutters. Soft washing is unlike other power washing methods that rely on high levels of force, which puts the safety of your property – from your house to your landscaping - in jeopardy. Many high pressure cleaning jobs result in damaged wood decks, vinyl siding and sidewalks.

We never want to put your home at risk, and that’s why we pledge to always use our low-pressure, non-invasive alternative. The result is a “just like new” home that looks beautiful, lasts longer, and is always in safe hands with our professionals!


Hot Water Power Washing

Hot Water Power Washing is the most effective way to remove mold, mildew, algae, dirt, and other eyesores from your vinyl or aluminum siding. It makes sense — we use hot water when we’re washing dishes to achieve the highest level of clean. The same mentality applies to your home.

Biodegradable cleansers

Biodegradable cleansers eliminate all of the imperfections that accumulate on your home over time. Our earth-friendly and specialized solution gets you exceptional results without taking a toll on your landscaping, water source, or the environment.


Additional Services

In addition to house washing services, our team provides a package pressure washing deal to maximize curb appeal. We’ll brush your gutters to remove the black streaks that appear over time. Also included is a spot free rinse to help reduce spotting on the windows due to hard water.


If you’re unsure of what your property needs, we can help. We’ll inspect your home, learn more about your specific objectives and budget, and will recommend a solution for your power washing needs. Ready to get your free estimate? Please call us at (973) 927-4449 or fill out our simple online form.


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